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Get and Stay Organized

Electricians work with an array of different materials, conduits, fixtures and especially sensitive cabling and very small parts.  Knowing where to find everything quickly is essential to these highly trained professionals. Therefore a well-organized working space is crucial to their daily routine and can improve productivity and maximize efficiency. SpaceKaps are the perfect workmate for the job, because they are self-sufficient working spaces that keep everything organized and safe.


Accessibility and safety are key elements for professionals
The ergonomic design, large doors and the 320 degrees of access, allows the electrician to simply access their equipment from the outside. Making every square foot of the interior easily and readily reachable. This large visibility also enables them to narrow the search of a specific part and simplifies restocking.

Safety is extremely important for us as well as keeping every part of the truck cap dry. SpaceKap have this covered by providing 100% waterproof and completely rustproof workstations. It means that your equipment will always be safe and dry when you get to a work site.


Because electricians have specific requirements and preferences when it comes to their work environment, we offer completely customizable elements of our mobile workstations.  We can design the most efficient layout to respond to the electricians’ demands, including shelves, ladder rack systems, sliding tray, lighting and drawers.


Future-proof your investment
Electricians get a lot of usage out of their trucks and SpaceKaps are made to outlast 2 to 5 pickup trucks. What does this mean? Our units have a universal-fit and therefore, there is no limitation to the type of pick-up truck you can use. Our products can help you leverage an initial investment into a great opportunity to amortize the costs of a SpaceKap.

All our models are built using Owen’s Corning fiberglass. This engineering composite recipe makes it lightweight and strong. By combining a SpaceKap unit to any 4 X 4 pick-up truck, there is no limit in accessing any type of construction site, even the most rugged. Wherever the service of an electrician is needed, the Spacekap transferable service body can undeniably handle it.  

Just like good electricians, reliable credentials are essentials in shaping a long-lasting relationship built on trust.
A SpaceKap will definitely be the most reliable ally at your side.

electrician diablo spacekap

See how Spacekaps can work for you. https://vimeo.com/202266701