Fibrobec and Bell Canada sign an agreement worth over one million dollars for the acquisition of SpaceKap units for its fleet of service vehicles


Fibrobec, the largest manufacturer transferable fiberglass pickup truck boxes in North America, is pleased to announce that it has entered a five-year agreement worth more than a million dollars with Bell Canada for the purchase of SpaceKaps Compak units. These transferable commercial services units will be installed on most new vehicles of the telecom giant in autumn 2013.

For Robert Thibault, founder and ex-president of Fibrobec, this contract has a special meaning. “This is the final negotiation process in which I took part and it is very important to us. Bell Canada’s choice is a positive validation of our sales growth strategy and positions Fibrobec in the big leagues!”

Simon Therrien, engineer of the fleet division at Bell Canada, said the choice of SpaceKap was simple. “SpaceKap products are well recognized in the industry, they are durable, versatile and low maintenance. This is important when you consider the number of vehicles in our fleet. ” If you consider that a SpaceKap can survive three vehicle changes, the savings associated with the use of these portable service units are close to $ 35,000 per truck, after three lifetimes.

The SpaceKap is designed to facilitate the transfer from a pickup truck to another, allowing users to reuse many times the material inside the SpaceKap. They can renew their vehicle and keep it looking young as long as they want. These fiberglass boxes are not only practical and versatile, but thanks to their unique design, they also reduce gasoline consumption by 12% on average compared to a cargo vans.