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Leading the world in transferable service bodies since 1972.


Founded in 1972, Fibrobec/SpaceKap has since produced and delivered more than 235,000 units of its popular fiberglass pickup truck caps and slip-in transferable service bodies across North America.

The company developed its first commercial fiberglass cap in 1984 and customers received it with immediate praise. However, despite its popularity it was not a slip-in body design. This meant that like all traditional fiberglass caps, each time the vehicle is replaced, so too must the fiberglass cap. This proves to be not only very costly but also has an immense negative environmental impact.

After listening to our clients (local plumbers, electricians, contractors, etc.) the designers went back to the drawing board. In 1992, the founder of Fibrobec, Robert Thibault, joined forces with Paul Deutschman from Paul Deutschman Design to engineer the very first universal slip-in body for a pickup. At last, the outcome was a revolutionary system that merges the pickup with a universal shell: The SpaceKap.

At SpaceKap innovation starts with our customers.

Since its introduction over two decades ago, SpaceKap has remained the most versatile service truck solution on the market. The cost savings has prompted more and more companies to outfit their service trucks and entire fleets with our durable and lightweight SpaceKaps to ensure the success and profitability of their businesses.


Customer Service
Understanding our clients


At the core of SpaceKap lies our commitment to research and development in order to pioneer innovative products and methods in manufacturing.


We are dedicated to the production of the highest quality products and to provide the best customer service in the industry. Our attention to detail and drive for perfection results in products that have long embody a tradition of quality.


At SpaceKap we believe in promoting efficiency and ingenuity through harnessing individual strengths that engenders each team member with a sense of ownership and results in a dynamic workplace.


We welcome opportunities to expand our skills that will ultimately lead us toward the discovery of cutting-edge techniques and ideas. Here at SpaceKap we place great value on the continued professional development of all our employees.

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