Transferable Service Bodies

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SpaceKap Service Body - Compak
amazing 320° access


Our SpaceKap Compak model was designed to give you 320° of accessibility to maximize internal space and functionality.

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SpaceKap Service Body - Wild
your cargo van replacement


The SpaceKap Wild is available in both 6 and 8 foot lengths, optional side access doors, 40/60 rear doors and more.

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SpaceKap Service Body - Diablo
stand tall


The SpaceKap Diablo offers the largest interior volume available in the industry while being exceedingly aerodynamic and lightweight.

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Universal Fit

SpaceKap is the innovative result of over 40 years in the service truck industry. SpaceKap's universal slip-in design makes it the perfect fit for plumbers, electricians, contractors, first responders and more.

A Green Choice

SpaceKap is the eco-friendly choice in service bodies. Our unique fiberglass design is lightweight on your truck, gas tank and the environment. Go green by outfitting your full size pickup with one of our SpaceKap models.

Ulimate Versatility

SpaceKap has been engineered to be the most versatile service truck solution on the market. Its universal fit transforms your favorite pickup into the ultimate workshop on wheels.

Maximized Efficiency

Organize and secure your tools and workspace by outfitting your SpaceKap with one of our Quick Ship Packages. This means you spend more time getting things done and less time searching for your tools.


Since its introduction over two decades ago, SpaceKap has remained the most versatile service truck solution on the market. The cost savings has prompted more and more companies to outfit their service trucks and entire fleets with our durable and lightweight SpaceKaps.


  • Mobile Splicing Unit (Fiber Optic)

    Mobile Splicing Unit (Fiber Optic)

    In this video, we showcase our SpaceKap fiber optic splicing unit. This service body boasts a magnitude of great features such as: Reversed rear doors that allow access in and out of the unit while the cable is passed through the integrated rear portal, 5,500 watt Onan generator (110/220), 13,500 but A/C unit, 220v electric heater, deep cycle battery with smart charger, 110v outlets on the workbench, plenty of storage space and much much more. Please give us a call for more information or even a demonstration.

  • How SpaceKap is Made

    How SpaceKap is Made

    Discover the step by step process that goes into the manufacturing of each SpaceKap; from the initial sketch drawing all the way to outfitting a pickup truck.

  • Transferring SpaceKap without a forklift

    Transferring SpaceKap without a forklift

    See how easy it is to transfer our SpaceKaps even without a forklift. In this video SpaceKap Boy transfers a WILD unit with the use of our optional jack system. Our SpaceKaps are all universal and can be removed at any time with jacks, even with as much as 2,000 lbs of equipment inside. For that reason, many customers refer to our service bodies as toolboxes.

  • 125 gallons of water in 15 seconds!

    125 gallons of water in 15 seconds!

    Watch in this video as the SpaceKap Wild undergoes the toughest water test we could throw at it. Best thing is, not a drop got in. Keep your equipment safe and dry with SpaceKap.

  • World's fastest transfer of SpaceKap Wild

    World's fastest transfer of SpaceKap Wild

    Watch and be amazed at how fast SpaceKap Boy can transfer the SpaceKap Wild from one truck to another. No other service body in the world can be transferred and reused as efficiently as our SpaceKap models.

  • Rapid Intervention Unit

    Rapid Intervention Unit

    SpaceKap can be outfitted to tackle any job! Discover just how truly versatile SpaceKap is no matter your line of work.

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